• May 2015
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Barri Carian, past president, NAWBO-OC  

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Thursday, June 26, 2008
Are you asking the right questions?
Women. Business. Owners.

Women. Business. Owner.  These three words fit together these days as easily and unobtrusively as peanut butter and jelly.  Entrepreneurism is alive and well in the O.C. and women are waving the flag at the forefront.  There are more of us than our male counterparts, and our ranks are growing more quickly.
Perhaps one of the most telling signs is this blog itself. Finally, in 2008, the viewpoint of women business owners is of interest. Stay tuned, as a handful of NAWBO-ites offer our perspectives. And yes, I mean perspectives, plural. There is no single woman business owner perspective. We are Gen Y and we are Baby Boomers. We are sole proprietors with no employees and we have multi-million dollar companies employing dozens and dozens. We operate retail shops, software companies, and real estate brokerages. We are lawyers and CPAs, and just about everything else you can imagine.
And I think that’s what I, personally, find most fascinating. Years ago, women in the business world had pretty narrow boundaries.  Not so, anymore. For the past year, as president of NAWBO – National Association of Women Business Owners -- in Orange County, I have been astounded by the creativity, determinism and persistence of the women I’ve met.  I’ve met women who have spent decades in the corporate world, and have brought those lessons full circle to propel their own endeavors. I’ve met women who are young and idealistic and are making up the rules as they go. And doing a heckuva good job at it.  
So, is there a female way of running a business? That’s one of the great topics for this blog. As I said, stay tuned...

Barri Carian
President, NAWBO