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Cara Good, NAWBO OC  

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Why hope is a business strategy.
Putting hope into action
My prediction: 2009 will be the year of more not less.

In my previous bloggerie, I shared my view on why hope is a business strategy. Thinking more about it, I wanted to turn my belief into actions for my personal life, business success and professional pursuits.

Then that bold statement entered my mind – and I haven’t been able to dodge it: 2009 will be the year of more not less.

Sure, there’s a lot to be fearful about right now. And that means some people are thinking about how to get by with less. Less money. Less work. Less control. Less life.

Not me. I refuse. I want more.

My Depression-era grandparents taught me the value of hard work and the magic of optimism. They instilled in me respect for a dollar as well as respect for my neighbor. They told me it was my responsibility to become self-sufficient as well as my obligation to help those who weren’t. I refer to their lessons as the economics of hope.

Like any good economic plan, the economics of hope requires some resolutions. Here are mine:

•    Learn more – The world is changing faster than ever before (or maybe it just seems that way because of the speed at which information is shared). Nonetheless, what I know today won’t serve me tomorrow. I’ll seek out formal and informal ways to boost my knowledge. I’ll visit the NAWBO-OC Education Center this year and seek out the advice of fellow business owners.

•    Share more – What I learn, I’ll share. Sure, there’s a danger in some competitor swiping my great ideas. However, I think there’s a bigger danger in hoarding knowledge that could make my company, employees, partners, clients and friends smarter and more competitive. Social media and social networking are a great way to share more.

•    Engage more – It’s tempting to “hunker down” right now and pull back on volunteer activities with professional organizations and charities. We all lose if we do that. Yes, I’ll prioritize, but I’ll also give more time to professional networking and charity volunteering. NAWBO-OC, of course, provides me with many ways to engage more, and I will be co-chairing a charity fundraiser for Mercy House.

What more do you want in 2009? I’d love to hear your thoughts.