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Pierre André Senizergues, CEO, Sole Technology  

Friday, March 13, 2009
Revved up and green
Investing in your business
My passion has been and always will be in skateboarding. Even at 45, I still manage to jump on my skateboard and do some tricks, although my chiropractor keeps advising me against this. So with the economic crisis on everyone’s shoulders and budget cuts around every corner, including my own, I decided to continue to invest in what I love – skateboarding.

Sole Technology invited 22 skateboard editors across the globe to visit our new training facility at our headquarters in Lake Forest, check out our new upcoming product and skate with our pro riders. The one thing that is appreciated industry wide is authenticity, and that’s what Sole Technology is all about.

Did we hole these editors up in some bland and boring hotel room? Absolutely not. When you hang with the Sole Technology crew, you are part of the family, and that means you get a cozy bed at my personal loft in Newport Beach, home-cooked meals, high performance shoes and plenty of skateboarding to go around. It’s the personal touches that make the difference in these times, and it’s what can set your business apart from the rest.

Now is the time to remember why you started your company if you are a business owner, or why you chose the company you work for now.

When it comes to balancing your dollars and cents, remember the investments that will pay off – giving back to the heart of your business. The companies that do that will weather the storm and remain strong in the future.

Below are some highlights of the editors’ stay.