• May 2015
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Henry Walker, CEO Farmers & Merchants Bank  

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Strength in family
Get back on the horse
While playing polo last week, I was thrown from my horse. The unexpected jolt left me on the ground, checking my head and the rest of my body for any serious injuries. Luckily nothing was broken, and I was still breathing.

I returned to work at the bank the next day and everything was foggy, to say the least. It was a struggle to focus on the things that normally would be routine. But there was work to be done, and I couldn’t afford to neglect any responsibilities while the rest of my family and staff continued their hard work.

I know this struggle is what many people are facing every day in the current recession. Although we all may not be in physical pain, a fiscal pain is affecting us all, and that continual discomfort we feel from dismal news headlines lingers in the back of our minds as we try to push through daily tasks. It’s painfully obvious that it’s not business as usual, although many of us try so hard to make it seem as though it is.

The country has been thrown from its horse, after enjoying years of financial bliss. While we spent some time checking our pulse, trying to decide who is to blame for this economic catastrophe, we are still alive. Sure it’s scary, and there’s no guarantee that we won’t be thrown off again. But we can take steps to ensure that we will be better prepared. Although there’s still a tough journey ahead, it’s now time to get back on the horse and ride toward recovery.