• May 2015
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Melinda Morgan Kartsonis, Morgan Marketing & PR  

Marketing in India
Some blogger I am – begin a new gig and take off for India. Mind you, it was an amazing trip: tracking leopards on a tiger safari, riding camels and elephants, watching the sunrise and hoping the clouds don’t block Everest (they did, darn), staying at some of the best properties in the world. But for an entrepreneur to block out a month, it takes time to prepare and more time on the return. And then the summer social season hit. That being said – I’m back in the game and wanted to share some marketing mishmash from my India experience.  

1. Reduce Hair Fall – I always love the way our English language is worded in different countries. Indian women are known for their long luscious locks, and they use conditioner to “reduce hair fall.” Check out the advertisement from the Delhi Times.

2. And for those who did not use the Sunsilk Conditioner and had hair fall to the extreme, check out this ad: "Balding? India's top hair specialist has the solution."

3. Billboards – entering the Himalayan hill station of Darjeeling on a long windy road one is greeted with marketing billboards touting the best places in town. The tastiest teahouses, yogurt brands, and local hotels and eateries – they're all up there.

4. Business signage – the photo showcasing “Henna here” makes one smile.