• May 2015
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Steven Chen, CSUF Mihaylo College of Bus/Econ  

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Using shampoo to wash your face
Friday, February 19, 2010
Do infomercial products fix anything?
Is nature good or bad for us?
Dear Designers of Nature Products,

I am confused. Is nature good for us or bad for us?

There is a double discourse in the marketplace with respect to the design of nature products. The first says that nature is good for us, but that it’s fragile: Our world is in peril (because the ubiquitous Anderson Cooper tells us so). We should eat organic foods that are grown from the earth because they are better for our bodies. So we should protect our earth by buying biodegradable, recyclable goods that reduce our carbon footprint. We should buy green, hybrid cars so that we don’t burn as much fossil fuels.

But there is another discourse that says nature is evil, revengeful: Our world is perilous. We should buy sunblock with SPF 1,000 so the harmful rays won’t explode our faces. We should buy antihistamines so we can breathe again and shield ourselves from the stupid flowers and pollen in our backyards. We should buy pest repellent to protect our bodies from the disgusting critters that are a part of your nature. We need an array of filters or vacuum-sealed water to remove the taint of nature from our water.

So what is it, Designers of Nature Products? We want to protect nature, but every time we step outside our homes, it is out to destroy us!