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Ethical Edge Letters on Integrity  

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
'Trust is the new currency'
Tuesday, May 11, 2010
I stand in the center of influence
Is there meaning entering the deal?

“What man actually needs … is the striving and struggling for some goal worthy of him. What he needs is the call of a potential meaning waiting to be fulfilled by him.” — Viktor Frankl

The deal. It’s challenging. It’s competitive. It’s creative. It’s fun. Is there meaning entering the deal? Is there meaning negotiating the deal? Is there meaning closing the deal? Is there meaning moving to the next deal?

Meaning is far more than periodic, inspirational reflection. It’s Monday motivation, Wednesday grinding and Friday wind-down. Meaning is the can-be, needs-to-be Energizer Bunny of the Integrity Influencer.

A meaning question: Are my/our values being expressed in the deal? My dad was a successful business leader in financial and estate planning. When he met with a new client, he would ask, “Do you know the story of Johnny Appleseed?”
Always the answer was, "Yes!" Then, he would pose a second question that never had an answer: "Why do you think Johnny cast those seeds? What was the meaning and motivation for doing so?"

Dad would deliver the answer and a challenge to his client, posing two questions: "Do you suppose Johnny cast those seeds to plant trees under the shade of which he would never sit? Are you here so I can help you strategize your life-planning to bring benefit to those you love and care about?"

Dad purposefully found meaning in every deal!

The values that cause us to live larger than the deal are framed by the intention of contributing to the well-being of others. That is the hubris of meaning fulfillment.
Professionals can take any situation and translate this week’s deal into meaning by asking a simple question: Are the values that bring joy to me and good to others at work in this deal? When positive life values are present, we stay alert and connected to people and their needs. When life-affirming values are missing or go dormant, the deal becomes the end-all with the means-justifying-the-end guiding our actions. Often, the results are detrimental to yourself and others.

Mission Integrity Action

The ethical asset of managing calling offers a mission of meaning this week. I collaborate to achieve pragmatic goals that have a bigger reward than financial gain. Pursuing meaning creates psychic income that fuels my personal calling. As an Integrity Influencer I see every deal creating opportunity to grow long-term significance as I plant trees under the shade of which I shall never sit.

Appreciating you on the ethical edge!

Russell Williams,
Passkeys Foundation/Ethical Edge