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Monday, January 10, 2011
We hold the mould
Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Find your shining moments
Thoroughbreds run in the distance

“Great is the art of beginning; but greater is the art of ending.”
— Lazurus Long

I saw an inspiring film, "Secretariat," over the recent weekend. Knowing, in advance, the outcome of the last Triple Crown Feat did not diminish the excitement of watching and recalling the spring of 1973 when the greatest of the great thoroughbreds charged from behind the pack and ran his way into racing immortality.

Bold Ruler sired Secretariat. Before Secretariat, the offspring of Bold Ruler had a poor record on long-distance races. The Belmont Stakes, the last race in the Triple Crown, is the longest. Racing experts of the day didn’t think Secretariat could handle the distance. He proved them wrong – big time! He won by 34 lengths over his rival, Sham, and set a race record that has not been approached in the last 37 years. Great thoroughbreds run for distance. Secretariat proved he could.

So, where am I leading you with this racing remembrance? The gate has opened on 2011. It’s time to begin anew. You are off and running! Your hands are on the reins of professional expectations. You are ready to ride holding intentionality as your whip while you eye the field. You are positioned to move, pursue, strive, take on challenges and explore opportunity! It’s good.

What will be your focus as you leap out of the gate to become a thoroughbred thinker and achiever in 2011? There are three attitudinal aspirations that will keep you focused on efficiency of action. This trifecta provides you with timeless wisdom for timely productivity. So, run your 2011 race with I Am! I Can! I Will!

I Am! You have a unique God-given skill set designed for creative, extraordinary and positive outcomes. Your I Am skill set is a focused mind and emotions equipped for problem solving.

I Can! Your mind and emotions act in cooperative I Can relationships. Your 2011 relationship mantra is simple, but challenging to execute: Every professional relationship is a test for your best. Your commitment to call forth excellence will bring unexpected people and opportunities to you.

I Will! When it’s going good and when it’s not, you will make your choice to be grateful. Your I Will gratitude shall become a constant source for energy renewal while you run as a thoroughbred – going the distance with enthusiasm.

Mission Integrity Action

I run as a thoroughbred in 2011 with I Am skills; I Can best effort; and I Will gratitude.

Russell Williams,
Passkeys Foundation/Ethical Edge