• May 2015
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Pierre André Senizergues, CEO, Sole Technology  

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Skateboarding comes to the O.C. Fair
Monday, July 07, 2008
Rubbing elbows with the stars
Go Skateboarding Day was a success
What could bring thousands of kids, teens and adults into the streets on the same day across the globe…Go Skateboarding Day.  On June 21 skateboarders across the nation took to the streets in masses to celebrate the spirit, art, creativity and exhilaration that is skateboarding.  

Skateboarders everywhere held fundraisers, contests and demos, skating across cities, gathering in skateparks and local skate shops to bring together the skateboard community in the grind heard around the world. Sometimes skateboarding can get a bad rap, but I think this event shows what a positive influence it can be and how it has the power to bring together communities to support worthy causes. Our own Sole Technology team helped raise money to support a local skateboarder youngster who is battling cancer, Johnny Romano.  

And with gas prices still at an all time high and continuing to skyrocket, check out this alternative transportation method on YouTube. Although not recommended for the freeway, I must give a nod to his threads.  I celebrated by bringing it back, old school style.

Stay tuned to hear how skateboarding got me the opportunity to meet a television legend from my hometown of Paris.