• May 2015
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Henry Walker, CEO Farmers & Merchants Bank  

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Reflections on July 4
No matter what side of the political divide you fall into, the extreme right or left or somewhere in the middle, we all seem to unite under one banner on the 4th of July.  Political agendas seem to fade into the background for one day as we celebrate the birth of our country. 

I have always looked forward to the 4th of July.  As a young boy, I enjoyed going to the parade and watching fireworks explode into the night.  The spirit of this day is contagious and I continue to see it reflected in the eyes of my kids.  It causes me to stop and reflect on the sacrifice that was made by so many of our forefathers so that we can experience the freedom we now enjoy and sometimes take for granted.

This past holiday, I thought about my great-grandfather who started Farmers & Merchants Bank. He opened his doors and continued to serve his customers through WWI, the great depression and the 1933 earthquake.  His character was resilient, persevering under the most difficult circumstances, always relying on his faith to carry him through.  I think of him as I watch the sparks fade into the sky, wondering what the future will hold.  I recognize the anchor I have in the legacy of my family and like my great-grandfather, rely on my faith to guide me. 

This Independence day I paused to think about how this period of uncertainty is a season, it will pass.  The waves will come and go but what is most important is the strength of my character to weather the storms and carry my family and customers through safely.