• May 2015
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Lucy Dunn, president and CEO, OC Business Council  

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
East meets West Side Story
Factors impacting Orange County's future...
Welcome to OC Metro--that's Orange County Metropolitian--defined as a culture of sophistication, accepting a wide variety of people and ideas characteristic of an urbanized area.  This isn't the LA suburbs any more!  Most folks don't realize that today we are the fifth largest county in America. 

Orange County has more population than 21 states in the union, yet they each have two senators!  By comparison, in land area, it would take about 25 Orange Counties to fill one San Bernardino County.  Our economy is diverse, strong and contributes mightily to the economic future for all of California.  Orange County is among the very best places in the world to live, do business and raise a family. 
But what will Orange County look like in the future?  We are starting to read some troubling signposts:  diminished affordable housing supplies (even as the construction industry wanes), aging infrastructure and a state education system in serious need of reform.

Will the people that live, work and go to school in today’s Orange County be able to live here 10 years from now?  
The Orange County Business Council – OCBC – is working to buck trends to ensure that this county remains the economic engine of the Southland.  Advocating for business--among the most productive and innovative companies in the world--OCBC helps build a future with  a variety of choices in  housing,  relief in  commute  times, enhanced infrastructure investments, and a  well-educated,  skilled workforce ready  today  for the jobs of tomorrow.

In regular contributions to this space, I will blog on some of the Business Council’s specific efforts in these areas and more.  How does the state budget affect us all?  What's the big deal about water--my tap still works!  Why is gasoline so expensive?  And how can we protect our open spaces with all the pressure to provide for a growing population and job base? 
Join me in a dialogue on the pressing issues facing the county’s business climate and quality of life.   There are a multitude of challenges and opportunities, and OCBC is at the center of efforts to address both.

Visit www.ocbc.org for more on OCBC.  In the meantime, share your thoughts.