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Pierre André Senizergues, CEO, Sole Technology  

Thursday, June 12, 2008
Sights and sounds of Europe
Meet Pierre (and his mom!)
Bonjour, I am Pierre André Senizergues (PAS), CEO and president of Sole Technology-home to footwear and apparel brands etnies, éS, Emerica, Thirty Two and Altamont.

I am very excited to welcome you into my world and share with you my adventures, passions and appreciation for skateboarding, action sports, our youth, community, art, music, design, travel, entrepreneurship and the environment – just to name a few (okay a lot, I have many passions, including a good Mojito!).
I hope to dialog with you, hear your thoughts and answer your questions. Growing up skateboarding around the most beautiful city in the world, my home town of Paris, the City of Lights, I dreamed of moving to California, what I viewed as the Mecca of skateboarding and becoming a professional skateboarder. I never lost sight of this dream. After I graduated from the Universitaire de Technology of Paris XI and took a job as an IBM engineer, it was VERY boring for me – it drove me insane and was a catalyst for me to right away buy a one way ticket straight to California, the land of endless concrete and sun!

Passion is a wonderful thing, it makes you do crazy things, which is why I decided to pack it all up and move to California. This reality came true when I became a world champion skateboarder after I was discovered skating the streets of Venice in the 1980’s. During this time and from years of skateboarding, I saw a need to make quality, durable skateboard shoes that not only performed well, but were of course stylish…so my crazy passion once again sent me down a new path, mind you, having no knowledge of how to make shoes. Fast forward 20 years with many ups and downs along the way to where I am today-the first professional skateboarder to own and operate a global actions sports footwear and apparel company in the world, but more importantly and what I’m most proud about is that, etnies was the first to introduce the first skate performance shoe, which was something we needed (I can’t tell you how many times I duct taped my own pair of skate shoes growing up), to help save skateboarders feet AND wallets.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you and the amazing people who are a part of this great mosaic of life! Stay tuned to hear about my recent travels to Europe – I just got back from a trip mixed with business and hanging out with my Mom. Check out her photo below – she is 77 and she still climbs up in the 20ft tree in our backyard to trim it – I think I inherited my craziness from her! Hahahaha!