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Cara Good, NAWBO OC  

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008
Go on a "stratcation" instead...
Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Why hope is a business strategy.
How advocacy accelerates the agenda...
Politics and public policy are dual passions of mine. I not only see advocacy as my right as an American, but also my responsibility as a business owner. A growing number of small- to mid-size business owners like me now realize the importance of garnering government support to doing business. Long held as a function necessary for large entities and publicly traded companies, entrepreneurs and chief executives at companies of all sizes are beginning to see the value in building strong relationships with local, state and federal governments, and taking an active role in shaping public policy.

In my work with entrepreneurs and business owners, I’ve seen first-hand how companies that set aside the time and funds to build their corporate reputation through public relations and government advocacy accelerate faster than those that don’t. It’s with good reason: We live and work in an innovation economy, especially here in Southern California, in which the ideas we produce yield greater competitive value than the goods we manufacture.

Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan said it another way: “In today’s world, where ideas are increasingly displacing the physical in the production of economic value, competition for reputation becomes a significant driving force.”

You might think that getting involved will be cumbersome or tricky. Let me tell you, it’s not. You can join many groups that subscribe to an advocacy agenda designed to advance member businesses. NAWBO takes a stand on the top issues affecting women business owners across the country and in our home community. Especially important in this election year, federal and local legislation has an impact on the bottom line as well as your ability to do business.

Get involved. Find your voice. Together, we can influence public policy issues that are vital to economic growth and quality of life in our region. And that’s a winning formula that not only builds corporate reputation but also achieves our operational and strategic business goals.