• May 2015
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Barri Carian, past president, NAWBO-OC

Perspective is everything

A couple of weeks ago I was settling into my Sunday morning routine – coffee, the L.A. Times crossword puzzle and the Sunday ... full blog | RSS Feed

Cara Good, NAWBO OC

Putting hope into action

My prediction: 2009 will be the year of more not less. In my previous bloggerie, I shared my view on why hope is a busines... full blog | RSS Feed

Cassie Hoag, past president, NAWBO OC

Women and health care reform

I broke my arm last month and have been through an odyssey of tests and treatments. With the experience so fresh, health care... full blog | RSS Feed

Cathy Pavlos, executive chef/co-owner, LUCCA

Dishing it out in upstate New York

For the majority of our visit to New York, Elliott and I have been eating our way from one end of the island of Manhattan to ... full blog | RSS Feed

'Churm in Asia'

Two countries, seven nights ...

Two countries, seven nights, eight days, 178 hours and more than 15,000 miles: The city of Irvine Friendship and Trade Missio... full blog | RSS Feed

Dean Anil Puri, CSUF Mihaylo College of Bus/Econ

The Tsunami on Wall Street: West Coast to be hit

While the federal Band-Aid is being applied to Wall Street’s financial mess, it will take a lot more structural surgery, regu... full blog | RSS Feed

Deborah Schneider, executive chef, SOL Cocina

Discover Izote restaurant in Mexico

At its best, Mexican food is the cooking of farm, home and pueblo – women’s cooking. Decades ago, while her culinary contempo... full blog | RSS Feed

Ethical Edge Letters on Integrity

What is the power valentine?

“We cannot avoid using power, cannot escape the compulsion to afflict the world, so let us, cautious in diction and mig... full blog | RSS Feed

Henry Walker, CEO Farmers & Merchants Bank

Pink on the Fourth of July?

What do the color pink and the Fourth of July have in common? At first glance, it may seem like an odd pairing, but both repr... full blog | RSS Feed

Hilary Kaye, NAWBO OC

I'm desperately seeking an oasis of calm

This morning, I was taking a yoga class and trying my best to be “present.” I tried to focus on my breathing – very slow... full blog | RSS Feed

Jeff Moore, sr. managing dir., CB Richard Ellis

‘Things don’t need to be good to reverse – just better than expected.’

With each passing month, the unemployment numbers seem to look bleaker and bleaker, and almost every day, another major Ameri... full blog | RSS Feed

Jodie Palumbo, NAWBO OC

Social networking can help your business

Many professionals are new to this social-networking era, and we are still trying to navigate our way through facebook, twitt... full blog | RSS Feed

Judy Rose, NAWBO OC

What is the purpose of text?

You can find text like this on thousands of websites: It's time to take it to the next level. Going forward, we'll help yo... full blog | RSS Feed

Lucy Dunn, president and CEO, OC Business Council

Lobbying 101: I say 'squirrel'

With the travesty in mismanagement at the city of Bell, Sacramento budget disasters, government regulations choking business ... full blog | RSS Feed

Melinda Morgan Kartsonis, Morgan Marketing & PR

Marketing in India

Some blogger I am – begin a new gig and take off for India. Mind you, it was an amazing trip: tracking leopards on a tiger sa... full blog | RSS Feed

Mira Farka, assistant professor of economics, CSUF

Atlas shrugged

A half a century later and the title of Ayn Rand’s masterpiece has never rung so true. Atlas, the Greek god who was described... full blog | RSS Feed

Pierre André Senizergues, CEO, Sole Technology

Skateboarding goes live

etnies returned for the second year in a row as a presenting sponsor of the premier skateboarding contest, the Maloof Mone... full blog | RSS Feed

Ray Baird, founder and president, RiechesBaird

Image and Brand Conference wraps up

As we wrap up the 2011 Image and Brand Conference, a few things are apparent. IT’S ALL ABOUT CHANGE. Many companies have g... full blog | RSS Feed

Steven Chen, CSUF Mihaylo College of Bus/Econ

Handling comic-book digitization

The emergence of digital technologies changes the forms in which consumers experience media. In today's marketplace, digital ... full blog | RSS Feed

Tiffanny Brosnan, partner at Snell & Wilmer LLP

Spot a future plaintiff in your midst

I last wrote about ways to avoid hiring future plaintiffs. But sometimes they slip through the cracks, no matter how good you... full blog | RSS Feed