• May 2015
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Pierre André Senizergues, CEO, Sole Technology

Skateboarding goes live
etnies returned for the second year in a row as a presenting sponsor of the premier skateboarding contest, the Maloof Money Cup. This three-day, five-event U.S. Skateboarding Championship and festival took place during the opening weekend of the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa on July 10-12. Amateurs and pros from around the world competed for close to half a million dollars in cash and prizes.

Today, there are more kids skateboarding – especially in Orange County, the epicenter of action sports – than playing baseball. And partnering with the Maloofs’ was a great match for etnies. Not only do they operate a family-run business, but they believe in the sport and can give skateboarders what they deserve: the esteem and rewards that other professional athletes have always received.

Tune in to see all the action of the Maloof Money Cup July 22 on MTV 2 at 6 p.m. Pacific time and 9 p.m. Eastern time.

For more action on skateboarding and my happenings, visit my Facebook page.


Lights, camera – cinema

The action sports community is a hybrid of culture circling around art, music and film. With etnies in the mix of it all, it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce etnies Cinema, a unique film series featuring award-winning independent films, live Q & A sessions with the people behind the films and, of course, after-parties.

We kicked off the series with the award-winning film “Lymelife” back in March and presented Stuart Townsend's “Battle In Seattle” on Friday at Yost Theater in Santa Ana.

In addition to etnies Cinema, etnies was a proud sponsor of the Newport Beach Film Festival’s Action Sport Series, which consisted of an international showcase of 20 films and five world premieres that included documentary, narrative, animated and short films within actions sports. Newport Beach is the hub of action sports, with a back yard filled with surfers and skateboarders. The Action Sport Series allows the Newport Beach Film Festival to create a specialty all its own and a place for local future filmmakers’ art to flourish.

Revved up and green
Green + motorcycles = born to be wild and ride.

Sole Technology continues to look for new avenues that will take it farther in its effort to reduce its carbon footprint. And testing electric motorcycles along the way isn’t half bad. Zero X Motorcycles are the next step in motorcycle evolution, combining the aspects of a traditional motorcycle with the advancements of today’s technology. They maintain the speed and performance of a regular motorcycle, all while being environmentally friendly. And etnies will be taking a trip to the desert, testing out the motorcycles in tougher terrain with some of our etnies moto x team riders. We are excited to get their feedback to see if it’s a match made in heaven.

With the Green Recovery Bill investing $32.8 billion for clean energy, $26.86 billion for energy efficiency and $18.95 billion for green transportation, it only made sense to continue to do what we can in our own backyard.


Investing in your business
My passion has been and always will be in skateboarding. Even at 45, I still manage to jump on my skateboard and do some tricks, although my chiropractor keeps advising me against this. So with the economic crisis on everyone’s shoulders and budget cuts around every corner, including my own, I decided to continue to invest in what I love – skateboarding.

Sole Technology invited 22 skateboard editors across the globe to visit our new training facility at our headquarters in Lake Forest, check out our new upcoming product and skate with our pro riders. The one thing that is appreciated industry wide is authenticity, and that’s what Sole Technology is all about.

Did we hole these editors up in some bland and boring hotel room? Absolutely not. When you hang with the Sole Technology crew, you are part of the family, and that means you get a cozy bed at my personal loft in Newport Beach, home-cooked meals, high performance shoes and plenty of skateboarding to go around. It’s the personal touches that make the difference in these times, and it’s what can set your business apart from the rest.

Now is the time to remember why you started your company if you are a business owner, or why you chose the company you work for now.

When it comes to balancing your dollars and cents, remember the investments that will pay off – giving back to the heart of your business. The companies that do that will weather the storm and remain strong in the future.

Below are some highlights of the editors’ stay.

Environmental chat – look who’s talking …
It’s me, along with my good friend Shaheen Sadeghi. This Friday, Jan. 30, Shaheen and I will be keynote speakers at the Environmental Sustainability Conference at Vanguard University. The conference will take an innovative and creative approach to how we look at the future of our planet. Business owners, students and interested individuals will learn how to stay ahead of the curve to embrace key principles of environmentalism.

I will be talking about how I got inspired on my environmental mission, and how I took my inspiration and turned it into reality. For me it has always been about giving back and making an impact. That’s what this conference is all about. Giving and sharing the tools that others can apply in their businesses and as individuals in their daily lives to make a positive impact on our environment.

I have learned a lot from Shaheen. As founder and creator of The Lab Anti-Mall and The Camp retail complex, he brings the word “innovation” to another level. Using recycled and environmentally friendly materials, we both have found a way to bring green design to life – Shaheen has his grass roof, and I have my solar panels.

And then, on Feb. 5, from 4:30 to 6:45 p.m., in room Smith 101, Vanguard University will offer students a special screening of “The 11th Hour,” followed by a Q&A session. This powerful documentary that I worked on as executive producer – and that stars Leonardo DiCaprio – examines the environmental crisis caused by human actions and calls for action to reshape and change our activity for the future. This is a great opportunity – the youth is our future, and we have to educate them now to make a difference.

Businesses in Orange County have a powerful voice, and together we are setting the example for a greener future.

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