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Anaheim to create network of private online neighborhoods

Nextdoor Anaheim will foster community growth through online connections

by Caitlin AdamsPublished: March 01, 2012 02:35 PM

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait has introduced a new social media tool for residents this week, with the launch of Nextdoor Anaheim, a program to create private social media networks for communities in the city. Tait hopes the measure will create greater community connection, both online and off.

The new program is powered by Nextdoor, a free, private social networking site, which creates private networks based on geographic areas. The platform allows neighbors to create private websites to communicate online; only resident-members within a specific community will have access to that neighborhood's online information. It cannot be viewed by anyone outside the community.

As part of Tait’s Hi Neighbor initiative to foster local engagement and strengthen community ties, the Nextdoor Anaheim program allows neighbors to share information specific to the area more easily within their community. Individuals can coordinate for an event, ask for recommendations on goods and services, ask for help on projects and share other information.

“Whether it is organizing a neighborhood party, selling a bicycle that their child has outgrown, finding a local babysitter or alerting their neighbors to a recent car break-in, Nextdoor is an innovative, new way to help people connect,” said Mayor Tait in his State of the City address.  “And when people connect, good things happen.”

Tait’s Hi Neighbor initiative, proposed in 2011, is part of his overall Freedom and Kindness platform. The goal is to promote a return to the core values of neighborliness and community feeling in Anaheim’s neighborhoods, where neighbors know and help each other and can rely on one another. The central principles of the rollout are community building, community policing and emergency preparedness.

“I cannot overstate the need to improve our social infrastructure,” Tait said. “It is what a mayor should be talking about. It is what a city should be doing. When people are connected, a city is resilient.”

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