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BioShaft to open plant in Nebraska

The Irvine-based wastewater treatment technology company will open a pilot plant in Wayne, Neb.

By Susan BelknappPublished: December 09, 2008 10:26 AM

BioShaft Water Technology Inc. announced today that it has received approval from the Wayne, Neb. city council to set up a 10,568 gallon per day pilot wastewater treatment unit in the city that will be tested daily for a period of three months.

BioShaft’s innovative wastewater treatment technology is based on bio-filtration utilizing biofilm carriers. The company holds a patent in the U.K. and the patent is pending in the United States. The plants use a BioShaft Turbo Reactor that is the core of this new technology.

The plants have many advantages over traditional wastewater treatment systems, including the virtual elimination of sludge and odors, while requiring significantly less land.

“This pilot plant is very significant to the company and our expansion into the United States,” says Dr. Hans Badreddine, president of BioShaft. “We are very excited to be working with the city of Wayne, Nebraska to set up a pilot plant for their engineers to test our system and provide data that can be compared against existing systems. We believe that our plants will perform much better, more cost effectively and much more environmentally friendly than current systems being used in the U.S.”