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Published: July 18, 2008

Jodie Palumbo

NAWBO-OC Director of Marketing & Communications, Jodie Palumbo Founder / President; Palumbo Marketing Group, Inc.

Jodie Palumbo is an expert in the field of marketing and advertising. With over 20 years experience in an array of industries ranging from industrial to retail, she is sought after by companies who know the value of having a professional marketing consultant on their team. From start-ups to mid-sized companies, her expertise is working with business owners who want to grow their companies to the next level, but realize the difficulty between running their business and being the business.

Jodie prefers to work with a select group of clients, allowing her to develop personalized and tailored marketing support. Her hands on approach has proven successful in providing clients direction in areas such as:

•    branding and corporate image
•    target market identification
•    research and negotiation of ad campaigns
•    sales and marketing campaigns
•    business networking
•    tradeshows and exhibits
•    print and electronic ads
•    Web site development, hosting, and integration
•    signage
•    press releases
•    newsletters
•    customer service techniques and follow-up campaigns

For the small- to medium-sized business owner who understands the value of quality marketing expertise working with their team but prefers to not carry the full-time in-house expense, Palumbo Marketing Group, Inc. provides the perfect solution.