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Boost Mobile launches Be Heard campaign

The new initiative features NBA star Carmelo Anthony and a digital ‘Aggravator.’

BY VICTOR JACOBSPublished: April 13, 2011 10:18 AM

Boost Mobile is stepping into the forefront of the wireless industry with its new Be Heard brand initiative. The campaign, which launched last month with a 128-foot-tall billboard featuring NBA star Carmelo Anthony, is intended to communicate the message that the Irvine-based company is listening and committed to consumers.

“Many wireless consumers continue to feel like they are part of a one-way relationship and as such are forced to make compromises,” said Boost’s Vice President of Marketing Bob Stohrer. “They deserve more than just a discount rate; they deserve an advocate. We’ve listened to our customers and worked to build a brand that’s more responsive and more dedicated to satisfying their wants and needs.”

The campaign will include three national TV spots that will air on more than 20 networks and cable TV stations beginning this week.

And in mid-May, Boost will launch a digital advertising tool called the “Aggravator,” which will scour the Internet for comments (both negative and positive) about the wireless industry and display them for the public to see. The company will use the comments in online ads that explain how they have resolved the given issue.

As part of the multi-tiered initiative, Boost will begin offering its first Android device, the Samsung Galaxy Prevail. The phone will be available under the $50 Monthly Unlimited with Shrinkage plan starting in late April for $179.99.

The Be Heard campaign follows a similar initiative, Unwronged, which used humorous situations to point out the faults of Boost competitors.

J.D. Power and Associates Customer Satisfaction Index Survey recently named Boost Mobile the top noncontract wireless carrier of 2011.

Boost Mobile reaches more than 555 million people on the Nationwide Sprint Network and the Nextel National Network. The wireless carrier can be found at nearly 20,000 retailers across the country, including Best Buy, RadioShack, Target and Wal-Mart.

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Readers Feedback:

There are two mis prints in this article. Boost does not have 555 million customers. I would say Sprint network wide 55 million customers, but 555 million on Boost is ridiculous. This is not Boost Mobile's first Android device. This is however Boost Mobile's first CDMA Android device. They also support the Motorola I1 which runs on the IDEN or Nextel network.
Comment at 4/17/2011