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Great Park, continued ...Published: October 01, 2012

An artist's rendering of Five Points
Communities' vision of the Great Park.
As of late September, all five city council members had expressed interest in the deal. But approval was still uncertain, as some had concerns surrounding control and Haddad’s role in the final say over the actual development of the park. Still others wondered how revenue from the retail center associated with the sports village might be split, if at all. Differences in Haddad’s vision of the Great Park from the city’s original vision also were at issue.
But when you consider the city’s options and what is at stake for Irvine, arguably the county’s most important city – along with the rest of the county, which will benefit for generations to come if the park is completed – Haddad’s plan is a bolt of lightning that 
offers a realistic way to get what officials want and the public deserves.
I believe the Great Park, and how it is ultimately delivered to the citizens of Orange County, is the single most important county project in the first half of this century. Its impact as a source of open space, recreation, culture and pride – and potential tax revenue – is second to none. But the city of Irvine must keep this massive opportunity on the right rail moving forward.
Five Point Communities has much to gain with completion of the Great Park and its promised amenities. This will help them sell a lot of homes. But county residents also have much to gain – and on a scale and quality that befit this region – if this project is finished sooner than later. It would be a shame if politics of the past or agendas of the present derail an opportunity to move this public-private venture ahead at light speed.


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Readers Feedback:

I really like Emile Haddad Five Point Commnities vision for the Great Park & I couldn't agree with him more when he said that rather than handing the entrie $211 million to the city which BURNED through his initial $299M developer fees without creating much of a park he wants to versee the development f the sports complex and bosque and then hand them over to the city! Agran & Krom are directly responsible for the wasteful spending that has gone on to date at the Great Park & the voters need to hold them accountable for that! Having said that Emile Haddad's vision for the sports comples, the hotel, the retail stores are much more in line with what the public wants & make much more business sence - Lynn Schott has also much better ideas than Krom wanting the Great Park to inspire mid school and high school students to persue careers in science, engineering, math & having Irvine businesses be play a key role in that - perfect fit for a city that employs over 12% of Orange County's workforce & prides itself on the high standards achieved by our schools - we can be an leader for the workforce of the future not just of Irvine but of all Orange County! Lynn also wants a Conference center at the Great Park where national & global business leaders can meet again an excellent fit for Irvine! Haddad wants a lot more homes in exchange - the concern is traffic - My question is can that traffic be diverted to spread it by careful design of those homes - I like Emile's vision & think it could be tweeked to really bring something fantastic to Irvine.
Comment at 10/8/2012
Hermann Dredfen - Guy: Those are so beautiful. I relaly love your style of portraits (and your blog anyway). And you must be a lucky man: such a beautiful daughter, Jess, and a not a bit less beautiful wife! But don't overdo it with the practice and I’ll have her doing intervals soon enough . Maybe then soon enough she will rival you Sorry for my poor English and best regards Hermann
Comment at 11/3/2012
tim d Posted on Man, that is a huge err dolphin beweten your legs. LOL Anyways, looks really neat out there. I'm in Boston now for work. I'm now with Cisco's main competitor, which means maybe one day I can come for a visit if you are anywhere near silicon valley.-Tim
Comment at 4/12/2013
craum Posted on Hey, sometimes a brass dlhiopn is just a brass dlhiopn. Boston! My original home town! Unfortunately San Jose to Irvine is about the same as Toronto to Montreal
Comment at 4/12/2013
Just trying to fiurge out the difference between them and our leftists, other than our leftists being allowed to get away with the same thing.
Comment at 4/12/2013