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Brandman University creates new MBA program

The school’s scholarship program will bring corporate employees together.

By Kylie MalstromPublished: January 03, 2012 07:05 AM

Brandman University has launched its Premier Partnership Program, an MBA scholarship program developed to boost education and economic well-being in the community. The scholarship creates a collaboration to deliver in-class and online MBA classes to employees of selected O.C. companies.

Organizations participating in this collaboration include ABM Engineering Services, Allergan, AltaMed Health Services, Blizzard Entertainment, Cox Communications, Kawasaki Motor Corp. USA, Kia Motors America, Oakley and Pacific Clinics. Scholarship recipients were selected from each company.

“I chose to partner ABM Engineering Services with Brandman University’s MBA program, because I was impressed by their creative approach to day-to-day business, as well as their ‘back-of-the-house operations,’ such as accounting, sales and marketing,” said Mike Latham, ABM president. “Brandman University’s connection to Chapman University and their outstanding reputation made the program an ideal fit for our organization.”

Through Brandman's Premier Partnership Program, students learn the MBA programming in a “cohort model”: moving from course to course as a group. Students from a wide range of industries can see how business tools and techniques can be applied in many different ways. The advantage of the cohort model is that it provides networking opportunities from many different business environments.

“By working with the organization’s leadership team, Brandman University recognizes the visionary insights that identify the immediate and long-term impact the program has on workforce development and sustainability, while helping the community thrive,” said Dr. Shelly Neal, associate vice chancellor of Strategic Business Development at Brandman University.

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