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Brandman University unveils Veterans2College

A $2.1 million gift jumpstarts the program, which expands opportunities for former military personnel.

BY J.V. GATEWOODPublished: December 13, 2010 09:00 AM

Brandman University in Irvine has unveiled a new initiative designed to promote accessibility and increase educational opportunities for military veterans, thanks to a $2.1 million gift from the Brandman Foundation.

The Veterans2College – or V2C – program will offer additional student support, specially designed classes and professional development that will prepare these individuals for full-time employment and additional university training.

“Education for military personnel is a key focus for the Brandman Foundation because of Saul Brandman’s background in the military and his understanding of the importance of a college education to build successful careers after serving in the military,” said Joyce Brandman, president of the Brandman Foundation Board of Directors. “The establishment of Brandman University’s Veterans2College program will give veterans access to high-quality education options and help them achieve their personal and professional goals.”

Military veterans continue to be an underserved population within higher education. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 26 percent of approximately 23 million veterans in the United States have a college degree. Programs such as V2C are designed to accommodate the unique needs of this group, which includes flexible schedules, specialized support and a tailored curriculum that promotes the successful completion of a college degree.  

“Despite military education benefits, a significant number of veterans don’t have college degrees indicating that other factors besides cost, such as access to classes and facility support, need to be addressed,” said Gary Brahm, chancellor of Brandman University.  “By offering specialized courses, flexible curriculum delivery and support services catering to the unique needs of veterans, Brandman’s V2C program helps military personnel use military benefits to earn a degree and build a foundation for their future after service.”

Brandman University, originally Chapman University College, has a strong military tradition, dating back to its founding in 1958 to meet the educational needs of military personnel at the Marine Corps Air Station at El Toro. Today, Brandman serves the needs of veterans and members of the armed services and their dependents with classes offered on bases in California and Washington, as well as entirely online.  

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