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The 10 Most Trustworthy Brands

OC METRO and The Values Institute at DGWB unveil the results of a groundbreaking survey of local consumers.

By Jerry HicksPublished: April 01, 2010

From the publisher:
Trust. What is it? Who has it? Why does it matter in business? Some say it is everything when it comes to a lasting relationship between a boss and an employee or a brand and a customer.

Five months ago, OC METRO and The Values Institute at DGWB went looking for those companies that have it. Now, we are ready to reveal the 10 companies Orange County consumers selected as most trustworthy. This is not a story about the most profitable, biggest or oldest companies, although those qualities are embedded in some of the brands we profile. This is an exploration in print and online (ocmetro.com) of 10 companies that share a common corporate DNA surrounding the concept of trust. On this search for trusted companies, we also learned a thing or two about Orange County consumers and how we form and value relationships with our favorite brands and, frankly, with each other.

Trust in business may begin with a handshake, but it goes beyond this simple gesture. It has a powerful grip that can be broken with one ethical misstep or failure to perform. These 10 companies have demonstrated ability, consistency, connection, sincerity and concern. The lessons they offer are worth learning.
–Steve Churm
Publisher, OC Metro magazine