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CSU Fullerton offers strategies on combating bullying in schools

A new online course for K-12 educators seeks to address the lack of training in the area

by Jennifer OckPublished: April 03, 2012 09:15 AM

California State University Fullerton will provide an online professional development course this summer to provide K-12 faculty and staff with practical guides to handle student bullying.
Understanding and Addressing Bullying” is being presented through University Extended Education, in conjunction with instructors from women and gender studies, psychology and education, and other experts.

The course will focus on bullying related to gender identity and presentation, in addition to sexual orientation and perceived sexual orientation, as these identity classes hold a crucial factor in most cases of bullying, according to Karyl E. Ketchum, assistant professor of women and gender studies.
“Bullying is a significant problem in schools locally and nationwide,” Ketchum said. “There’s a mistaken notion that things have gotten better, but schools are unsure of how to respond to bullying and receive little to no training on this issue. The goal of this course is to give educators an effective set of tools to address this problem.”
The new five-week, one-unit course will be primarily introduced to teachers, administrators, staff, district officials and school board members and concentrates on areas such as bullying behaviors, the characteristics of, motives for and different facets of bullying, including cyberbullying, sexism and homophobia.

Based on a multimedia approach, educators will learn through video lectures and interviews of teachers, administrators, students, and parents along with experts on anti-bullying laws and scholars knowledgeable in gender and sexuality. Further information on safe school laws, legal decisions, and appropriate responses to drastic situations such as suicide and school shootings is offered which will also be included on the course website.

The course begins July 16 and is now open for registration.       

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