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CalOptima aims to help doctors transition to paperless records

The effort is made possible through a $4.6 million federal grant.

BY CAITLIN ADAMSPublished: October 01, 2010 08:27 AM

CalOptima has launched a two-year effort that will enable more than 1,000 Orange County physicians and clinics providing care to communities in need to transition to electronic record keeping.

The public agency, which is headquartered in Orange and acts as the local administrator for publicly funded health programs, is backing the project through a $4.6 million federal grant. It will serve as the county’s regional extension center – or REC – and provide education and technical assistance during the transition.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for CalOptima to be at the forefront of this exciting technology, and to help primary care physicians better serve local patients,” said CalOptima CEO Richard Chambers. “The REC will have the capability to support thousands of Orange County health-care providers as they transition from paper to electronic health records, allowing them to care for Orange County’s underserved communities in a more efficient and environmentally sensitive manner.”

Many private practices have already made the leap from paper to digital recording. This program will allow smaller medical practices and clinics an opportunity to catch up with the technology.

CalOptima will provide doctors and clinics with office evaluations and advice on how best to implement the new systems. The REC will also put physicians in contact with vendors, who will provide equipment at a discount.

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Federal funding may be encouraging a move toward EHR, but there's more to it than just installing systems. How can healthcare data pooling lead to a better system? More at http://www.healthcaretownhall.com/?p=2193
Comment at 10/3/2010