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Chapman unveils plans for Filmmakers’ Village

The Dodge College of Film and Media Arts will be home to the new 3.5-acre student community

by Caitlin AdamsPublished: December 02, 2011 10:05 AM

Officials from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts yesterday announced that they will soon break ground on a new Filmmakers’ Village for students in the film school. The $100 million project will incorporate living, dining and learning spaces into a 3.5-acre backlot, where students will attend classes and work on their projects.

Village project construction will include three separated three-story dorm buildings with 397 beds. Each until will include a living room and compact kitchen and dining spaces. Other buildings will include a food service and restaurant dining establishment, a “grand living room,” meeting rooms, a gym facility and multipurpose rooms. Work and studio spaces will be furnished with equipment linking the Village’s digital systems to the film school building, as well as other technical support functions.

“Filmmakers’ Village will be unlike any facility anywhere in providing an environment specifically tailored for the way this new generation of storytellers live and learn,” said Dodge College Dean Bob Bassett. “This new facility is a shining example of how Chapman University’s Dodge College continues to evolve to provide unique opportunities for our students.”

The Village is presented as being a first among film schools; no other program has a similar combination of living and working amenities available to students. The project is designed to incorporate new construction while preserving the campus’ historical buildings. Various elements of the Village are designed to provide students with an immersive environment and enable them to use as many aspects of the buildings and environments in film projects as possible. Many multi-use spaces can be employed as studios, and some are equipped to allow for set decoration. Some functional spaces, such as a laundromat, will be available for student filmmakers, while one hallway will be lined with lockers to resemble a high school corridor, a popular setting in some student films.

Plans are underway to break ground on the Filmmakers’ Village in February, and Chapman expects to welcome its first students into the new dorms in fall of 2013.

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