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Discovery Science Center

by sandy bennettPublished: June 01, 2012

Founded: 1998
Headquarters: Santa Ana

Marked by its distinctive 10-story cube, the Discovery Science Center provides a very visual view of its aim – and success. The nonprofit organization – dedicated to educating young minds, assisting teachers and increasing public understanding of science, math and technology – serves nearly half a million people each year. Survey respondents gave the center its top mark in the area of advocacy, saying they would recommend this organization to others.
“At Discovery Science Center, we strive to deliver exceptional guest service while providing high-quality educational exhibits and family entertainment,” says Joe Adams, DSC president. “Our investment toward DSC members and the surrounding community plays an important role in creating a trust between us and the 470,000 visitors we see each year.”
The center, which contains approximately 120 interactive exhibits, opened in 1998 amid low national test scores in science and math by American students. Today, many of its education programs align with California Science Content Standards to help K-12 students perform better in school and fill the gap created by the current cuts to school budgets.
Under the leadership of Joe Adams, who was appointed president in 2003, attendance has grown by more than 160 percent, placing DSC in the top 25 science and technology centers in the U.S. Last year the center was awarded $7 million from the Proposition 84 Nature Education Facilities Program fund to support a new California Natural Resources Pavilion, which will educate visitors about the state’s air, water and land resources. Groundbreaking is scheduled for this fall.

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