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Gain their trust

Your business depends on it. Knowing how to do this hinges on knowing trust's essential elements in business.

by steve churm
CEO / Executive Editor,
Churm Media
Published: June 01, 2012

Four years after the economic crash, trust is the magnet that attracts and holds consumers and clients like never before. Just ask the leaders of these 10 Orange County companies, named the Most Trustworthy Brands for 2012.

Ask Colin Baden about trust and the Oakley CEO pauses before telling a story of a veteran he met at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, near Washington, D.C. The young solider was sitting on a bed. He had no arms or legs. They had been blown off in combat in the Middle East.
“It was pretty heavy,” recalls Baden.
Yet, the serviceman wasn’t despondent. He told the executive of one of the world’s most iconic sports brands that he was going to get fitted with prosthetics so one day he could pick up and hold his daughter again. Moved by the soldier’s can-do attitude, Baden probed about his resilience in the face of what would be numbing circumstances for most of us. The soldier looked at Oakley’s CEO and responded, “If I hadn’t been wearing your product, I wouldn’t be able to see her ever again.”
Baden was speechless.
The solider was wearing Oakley eyewear when attacked, and he credited the glasses with saving his vision. Staring at the disabled veteran, Baden realized again why he is deeply passionate about his company.
“The kind of athletes who use our stuff come to the brand because of need,” he explains. “The ultimate warriors are the soldiers who wear our gear. We take that responsibility very seriously.”

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