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O.C.'s finger on the pulse

Orange County is a 21st-century healthcare hub, driven by consumers, innovation, weather and world-class facilities and physicians. Find out what this means for your personal health.

by Linda MelonePublished: September 01, 2012

Hoag's new EP Cardiac Cath Suite
Orange County has become an intersection of world-class healthcare. Check the vital signs, and the prognosis for the 21st century in terms of facilities, treatments, wellness programs, medical devices and talent has never been stronger.
Couple the expanding medical infrastructure with a populous eager to take ownership of its own wellness as we live longer and remain more active into our golden years, and Orange County is at the heart of the consumer healthcare revolution.
We are not unique as a county when it comes to placing a premium on our personal health. The Internet has leveled the playing field when it comes to knowledge about nutrition, disease, treatment options and practitioners. But Orange County, blessed with an average of 325-plus days of sunshine per year and a culture that worships fitness and health, has become a national leader in the healthcare industry. If you reside in this county, living healthy is a priority. The medical community – including service providers, product developers and manufacturers – have responded, particularly in the past decade, as technology has accelerated change at light speed, it seems.
A big little county
As the sixth-largest county in the U.S. by population, O.C. represents a microcosm of large metropolitan communities, says Dr. Richard Afable (pictured), president and CEO of Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian.
“We have the full spectrum of healthcare services in the community, some of the finest healthcare in the country and all of the socioeconomic elements of a very large community,” he says. “So while it feels like a small community, 
it is not.”
Our primary children’s hospital in Orange County, for example, rates among the best.
“Of the thousands of counties in the nation, only 45 have freestanding 
children’s hospitals, says Kimberly C. Cripe, president and CEO of CHOC Children’s. “That certainly places Orange County – home to CHOC – in 
an elite group. We’re also fortunate to be the location of corporate/North American headquarters of major civic-minded corporations that contribute 
to the social and cultural fabric of our community.
“CHOC – and the children and families we serve – has benefited from a number of corporate partners that have supported our mission and vision,” continues Cripe.

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