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Published: May 01, 2009

40 Under 40 Web extra

Student and owner of Orange County Projector Rentals

Scott Nguyen became an entrepreneur at 19. As owner of Orange County Projector Rentals, he helps clients plan and execute meetings, and provides them with all the audio and video equipment they’ll need to pull it off. He founded the business a year ago while working as a licensed real estate agent and going to school full time at UC Irvine. And he kept the company going while studying abroad at Fudan University in China.

Most important lesson learned:
You can’t take life for granted, and you can’t take the people in it for granted, either. Doesn’t matter if you change just one person or change the world. Thank and support the people who support you.

Next big step:
I am currently working on two other startups, Visionue, an interactive marketing company, and Nguyen and Associates, a commercial real estate brokerage firm. I’ve worked in several startup companies not including my own, and I’ve developed a strong foundation for small businesses. However, I’m looking to gain enterprise-level skill sets by starting my career in a corporate environment after college. Having so many interests makes it hard for me to decide what industry I want to dive into. Some career titles I have been researching are IT and marketing consultants.

Advice for other young professionals:
Be proactive. Go out and explore the world. Remember that the world as you know it now is not the only world out there. Go study abroad, or if you’re working already, go work abroad. If you don’t work, go live abroad. We are not just citizens of one country anymore. We are global citizens.

What you do for fun:
I enjoy sailing in Newport Harbor almost every weekend if I’m not snowboarding or skiing in the mountains in the winter. During the summer, I take weekend road trips to areas and cities that I’ve never been to, just to see what’s there. Other than that, being around family and friends, discussing life and analyzing business is enough fun for me.

If you could have dinner with anyone – alive or dead – who would it be and why?
I would have to say the CEO of Vizio, William Wang. Although we might share the same ethnic background, I feel that we, as well as many other 1st and 2nd generation Asian Americans, have gone through many of the same cultural struggles starting a business. Our circumstances and conditions have molded us and contributed tremendously to who we are today. Wang mentioned in an interview that he “was 26 – fearless, young and foolish.” Sounds a lot like me.


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