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Published: May 01, 2009

40 Under 40 Web extra

Regional vice president for recruiting at Adecco Engineering and Technical

Jesse Ohayon, one of the youngest vice presidents of the worldwide workforce-staffing firm Adecco, is a rising star, having contributed to Adecco’s $30 billion in sales. In the past year alone, Ohayon spearheaded a $10 million IT staffing agreement with the University of California school system.

Most important lesson learned:
Know when to keep your mouth shut. There is a famous quote in the Talmud that states, “Talk is worth one coin, silence is worth two." Never underestimate the power of silence, especially when you are in the boardroom. A company I worked for hired a new hotshot, who in his first boardroom meeting contradicted almost any idea that was raised by key executives. His tenure with the company lasted a week. Initiative is great, but knowing when to keep silent or speak up is crucial.

Next big step:
My senior vice president and I have taken over five offices of our sister company, Ajilon Consulting. They focus on outsourced IT consulting, which is not off-shored. I see great potential here, because it’s a huge market. The last few years, I have buried myself in work and now, in my personal life, I hope to get married and have a family in the near future.

Advice for other young professionals:
Always be networking. Some of the best contacts I have made have not only been at networking events but at fundraisers, on airplanes, at Ducks and Angels games, etc. You never know who is sitting next to you or who you are going to meet. Recently, while traveling in the middle of Morocco, I met an important decision maker of an international company that I hope will prove rewarding.

What you do for fun:
I am highly active in an ice hockey league in Aliso Viejo, and I attend many Ducks games. I'm a water baby, so I surf, waterski, wakeboard and sail. I sit on the board of directors for a nonprofit, Beth Jacob of Irvine. I enjoy flying when I can get to it, and one day I hope to own a plane. I also have a total of 10 nephews and nieces who keep me busy!

If you could have dinner with anyone – alive or dead – who would it be and why?
Ronald Reagan because we just don’t make ’em like we used to.


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I am Pres. of Wolf Theatre Services This is a man I associate with in my Business and personnel Life to make my life better!
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This has inspired me alot.
Comment at 11/11/2011
I just saw the comments below after all this time. Thank you so much - please feel free to connect with me via email or LinkedIn. Best, Jesse
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