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Published: March 01, 2009


POSITION: Executive director of the Orange County division of the League of California Cities

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Serves as an advocate for Orange County cities at the regional, state and federal levels

WHAT YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR WORK: The people. I enjoy helping others reach their goals, and enjoy connecting people with resources and contacts.

PROFESSIONAL PHILOSOPHY: Everyone has something to offer, but nobody has it all. The trick is finding where they all fit in. And find a need and fill it continually. It will be hard for you to ever be unemployed.

YOUR PROUDEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT, AND WHY IT STANDS OUT: The Children’s Forest Youth Leadership Program – I created this unique program for my last employer, the National Forest Association, and had the joy of watching it grow and flourish. It brought to life the capability and impact young people can have in the world.

ADVICE FOR WOMEN ENTERING THE WORK FORCE: Always pay attention to your gut reaction. If it feels wrong, it probably is, or you need to think things through a little more. Help other women succeed. We do not help each other enough. And laugh loud and often, because it is healing and provides perspective. Conversely, go ahead and feel sorry for yourself or pout for a minute when you really need to, because it can be healing; but then turn quickly to see the opportunity in the situation. Never be too much for or against anything. Gray area is often the place where solutions are found. Get comfortable with ambiguity. It is more common than clear direction these days, and working through it will exercise your abilities to think in an agile, responsive way.

YOUR FIRST CAR: 1960s model Datsun 510, with column shift – a classic!

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