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Published: March 01, 2009


POSITION: Director of marketing services for Toshiba America Medical Systems

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Contributed to the successful promotion of medical imaging products that have helped revolutionize health care; has worked with charitable organizations such as ChemoAngels.

WHAT YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR WORK: The challenging health care environment, the commitment of my company to customer satisfaction and loyalty, and the opportunity to have my work contribution provide value for my company and the customers to whom we provide products.

PROFESSIONAL PHILOSOPHY: Listen to your customers – both internal (employees) and external (customers). Be responsive. Strive to achieve a win for all parties concerned, and deliver quality in all that you do.

PROUDEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT, AND WHY IT STANDS OUT: I have two: As one of the major stakeholders in our customer-loyalty initiative, my team and I have been able to help improve Toshiba’s customer satisfaction ratings so that they are top in the industry, and help drive new initiatives for continuing improvements in performance.
In November 2007, Toshiba introduced a breakthrough technology: Aquilion ONE, a CT scanner that allows physicians to diagnose health care problems such as stroke and heart disease within minutes, as opposed to hours or days. With that launch, the Toshiba PR team earned 13 top communications awards in 2008.

ADVICE FOR WOMEN ENTERING THE WORK FORCE: It follows on my professional philosophy: Listen to your customers, be responsive, strive to achieve a win for all parties concerned and deliver quality in all you do – and you will be successful.
BEST VACATION EVER: It’s an annual best-ever vacation. For many years my family has visited Pismo Beach in Central California for a week. We play tennis and golf, visit local attractions and enjoy the surf and sun. Over the years new members – children, spouses – have joined the group. And, unfortunately, some have left – divorces, adult children, loved ones who have passed on – but it is always one of the best times with family, and each yearly trek holds special memories.

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