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Untitled Page Published: March 23, 2009 11:56 AM

Yamaha's Rhino off-road vehicle continued ...

  “Hundreds of government agencies are relying on the Rhino to help them perform a variety of critical tasks in communities across the country,” says Mike Martinez, Yamaha’s general manager of all-terrain vehicle and side-by-side operations. “Yamaha fully supports these first responders and their efforts to serve the general public, and we’re proud to see so many police officers, firefighters, search and rescue crews, and other government agencies using the Rhino.”

Among the organizations that are implementing the Rhino are the San Angelo Lake & Park Police Department in San Angelo, Texas, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, which uses the vehicle to patrol ice-fishing areas in less accessible regions.

“It’s a great vehicle, and it allows two officers to travel together,” says Lt. Rita Frenzel, a district supervisor for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division. “It allows us to get into some areas that you can’t get into in other full size vehicles. It allows emergency response where other vehicles can’t go. It could easily save a life."

With its off-road capabilities, the Rhino is a best-seller in the all-terrain vehicle market. The product has received multiple awards, such as the Best of the Best honor from Field & Stream magazine and American Hunter magazine's Vehicle of the Year.

Yamaha Motor Corp. manufactures products for the motorsports market, including motorcycles, outboard motors, snowmobiles and boats.


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