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The sweet taste of success

Casey’s Cupcakes uses social media to stay connected.

Curated by Suzanne BroughtonPublished: September 01, 2012

Casey’s Cupcakes’ first location opened in 2009 at The Mission Inn & Spa in Riverside. The boutique cupcake chain has expanded to locations in Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and Irvine. Founder Casey Reinhardt was the 2011 winner of Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars.”
Suzanne Broughton: What’s your ‘social’ philosophy?
Casey’s Cupcakes: Social media – Facebook in particular – is a great resource for connecting with fans. We can easily initiate conversations, answer questions, provide customer service, listen to feedback and, best of all, share in the special moments they choose to celebrate with Casey’s Cupcakes.

SB: What’s your best tip to other companies?
CC: Don’t get caught up in all of the clutter and noise going on in social media today. Rather than putting your efforts to multiple channels and spreading yourself too thin, discern which platforms are the best for you and your brand. Understanding the demographics and strengths of each platform is key. At Casey’s Cupcakes we’re excited about launching our Pinterest page. The audience and customer base on Pinterest is an almost identical match with ours, so adding this channel makes sense and gives us a whole new way to connect.

SB: What did you learn the hard way?
CC: That when you begin to engage with your customers in a very personal, connected way, it creates even greater engagement. Fans begin to have specific conversations with you and rely on you. This is a great thing, but it requires more time and resources. You can’t initiate a relationship with people and then not be there for them. Our fans share pictures of weddings, births and other occasions where they made us a part of that moment. As such, we have to be available to interact, comment, cheer and celebrate those moments with them.

Casey’s Cupcakes has generated a 21 percent increase in “likes” and recently passed the 10,000 mark.


Debbie Miller
Search and social marketing strategist; Freelance writer and editor; Lover of social media, tech, learning, good food and sarcasm; Founder: @sochospitality

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