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From saloons to social media

Knott’s Berry Farm’s online strategy keeps ‘em coming back.

Curated by Suzanne BroughtonPublished: October 01, 2012

Knott's Berry Farm is
taking social media for a loop.
Knott’s Berry Farm has been offering farm-fresh fun for  more than 60 years.

Suzanne Broughton: What’s your company’s philosophy for social, particularly Facebook?
Knott’s Berry Farm: When it comes to social media, building one-to-one relationships with our fans is one of our most important goals. If you’ve been to the park and have had an interaction with a member of our staff, you’ll find that the online experience is very similar, very friendly. On social media, it’s important for us to always be down to earth and engage in a natural way. We listen to what our fans have to say and make sure we respond in a timely, informative and appropriate manner.

SB: What’s your best tip to other companies?
KBF: Don’t create shortcuts. Have an appropriately sized staff to maintain your social platforms. Take the time to listen to your fans; they are telling you what they want – just listen.

SB: What did you learn the hard way?
KBF: Social media is a full-time endeavor, and it takes constant effort to stay on top of everything. It’s easy to try and take on too much or not be sure where to begin or how to prioritize platforms. New platforms are always popping up, and existing ones are
always changing. To help guide us and be current with trends, we engaged with GigaSavvy, an O.C.-based marketing firm that specializes in social media.

SB: What is the importance of authenticity when working in this forum?
KBF: If you’re not authentic, regardless of how consistent you are, your message will not be well received. Without authenticity, it would also be more difficult to create brand advocates and have influencers on your side. With authenticity, you create loyal relationships between the brand and its fans.


Number of Facebook LIKES in August 2011 = 35,000; in August 2012 = 254,000

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