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El Pollo Loco fires up ‘Feel the Mexellence’ campaign

The Costa Mesa-based company launches a new multimedia strategy.

BY KARLY barkerPublished: July 19, 2011

El Pollo Loco, a restaurant franchise based in Costa Mesa, is launching a new multimedia campaign called “Feel the Mexellence.” The strategy includes television and radio ads, as well as revamped social media sites. The company hopes to reignite interest in the brand.

Last month’s filming of the commercial for “Feel the Mexellence” led to an interest in rejuvenating the brand. An El Pollo Loco press release said the company has always created everything by hand, except for the fire – which sparked an idea: Hundreds of people lined the streets of Sunset Boulevard in L.A. as more than 50 El Pollo Loco crewmembers tried to make fire by hand. The company filmed the event for the commercial, which features a 25-foot-high bow drill, a device that moves a spindle back and forth until it generates enough friction to create an ember.

The company also revamped its social media strategies. El Pollo Loco Facebook fans can now participate in “Pass the Flame,” a game that promotes inviting others to be fans of the page in order to receive coupons. 

“This powerful multimedia campaign highlights our passion for excellence and clearly shows consumers how El Pollo Loco provides a refuge from typical fast food,” said Mark Hardison, vice president of marketing. “Our El Pollo Loco ‘Feel the Mexcellence’ campaign is a celebration of all things that make us great, and we’re excited to shout that to the masses.”

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Readers Feedback:

"White is Alright", "If it's yellow, let it mellow".. I don't care who you are, these campaign is an exploitation of the Mexican people.
Comment at 7/27/2011