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They're fueling a revolution

With an impressive distribution deal in Dubai and an assortment of major contracts on the horizon, SaviCorp is set to surge ahead after 10 years of development.

By Amy BentleyPublished: March 01, 2014

SaviCorp's groundbreaking DynoValve
Last year marked a critical turning point for SaviCorp, an entrepreneurial auto technology company that developed the DynoValve, a patented after-market PCV valve for vehicles that increases engine performance, saves gas and lowers emissions.
CEO Serge Monros founded the Santa Ana–based firm [savicorp.com] in 1993 and spent the last decade developing and testing the DynoValve, its flagship product. The firm reached a milestone last year by earning a profit for the first time as the company ventured into distribution and sales. SaviCorp saw almost $1 million in sales, and if several pending deals work out, Monros says he expects profits to increase tenfold this year.
“While we generated substantial revenue in the second half of 2013, we are only beginning to scratch the surface of our potential,” he says. “It took a lot of investment money to do the patents, trademarks and certifications. It’s been a climb.”
Monros, who previously worked as a senior systems analyst for Rockwell International’s Space Transportation Services Division in Downey, reflects on his early inspiration.
“I’m an inventor, and my goal is to do something for people and the environment,” he says.
Lauren Fix, a nationally recognized automotive expert, raved about the DynoValve in a review on her website, writing: “I have seen this product installed and have tested the results myself. DynoValve is the only fuel-saving product that I’ve found that actually works.”
SaviCorp is negotiating with some potentially big customers, including the Taxi & Limousine Commission in New York City and the United States Postal Service, with a proposal for the USPS to install the DynoValve on 129,000 of its 550,000 mail trucks. SaviCorp is also completing a test with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that evaluates aftermarket-retrofit devices that will improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.
Once this test is completed, Monros will move forward with another key goal: selling his products to the United States military.
SaviCorp has also partnered with Savvy Green in Dubai, the sole distributor for the DynoValve in the United Arab Emirates, and SaviCorp recently finalized a partnership with Team TSI, a major nationwide auto technology company, to perform installations of the DynoValve throughout the U.S. and Canada. All the while, Monros continues to work on developing new products.
“We have a lot of things going on,” he says.

Made in America: The DynoValve is assembled in Santa Ana, and every part used by SaviCorp is made, 
or comes from, California or Wisconsin.