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EnviroIngenuity launches new partnership to promote vertical farming systems

The systems use less space and bring locally grown food to the Southland.

By Kirsti CorreaPublished: February 10, 2012 07:30 AM

Laguna Beach based EnviroIngenuity on Tuesday announced that it has partnered with Verti-Gro, a “vertical farming systems manufacturer,” to bring the devices to Southern California.

Vertical farming systems allow individuals and communities to grow their own food in urban areas, due to its stacked towers that are downsized for residential use. Each system come with an automated drip device that circulates nutrients through the plants that are growing in insulated stacked pots.

“Verti-Gro’s system reduces energy and water use by more than 85 percent and saves space,” said Erik Cutter managing director of EnviroIngenuity. “It also virtually eliminates greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the need to transport produce across long distances, and it doesn’t use soil which is becoming a very limited resource.”

Tim Carpenter, founder of Verti-Gro, said, “With the ample sun and right temperate conditions [in Southern California], these systems present an immediate and affordable opportunity for families and communities to eat healthy.”

With the new partnership, EnviroIngenuity hopes to create job training programs for the youth.

“Our curriculum and products will allow youth to develop valuable life skills, grow their own food and ultimately start their own business in urban agriculture,” said Cutter. “This is one very healthy job opportunity that cannot be outsourced.”

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