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Euro Pacific launches new investment fund

The Newport Beach-based asset management company intends to increase the likelihood of dollar appreciation and protect against inflation.

By Jessica BerriePublished: July 13, 2011

In response to a declining dollar environment, Euro Pacific Asset Management LLC, with a branch office in Newport Beach, has launched the EuroPac Hard Asset Fund. The fund is designed to protect against inflation and dollar devaluation, said company reps. An affiliate of Euro Pacific Capital, Euro Pacific Asset Management is the investment advisor to four additional funds that address foreign bonds, small-cap Asian equities, international value stocks and Chinese equities.

The strategy of the new fund is to invest in hard-asset commodities that are viewed as being capable of appreciation against the U.S. Dollar. These asset classes include gold and silver; precious metals companies; and companies involved in energy, agriculture and industrial metals production, as well as foreign currencies, according to Euro Pacific reps.

“The Fund’s asset allocation will seek to maximize the portfolio’s correlation and sensitivity to the inflation rate, while also maximizing risk-adjusted return and generating as little volatility as possible,” said portfolio manager Jim Nelson.

Another objective of the fund is to seek income from dividends and interest.

“The last few years have seen an unprecedented pace of monetary expansion from the United States and other countries looking to keep pace in a game of competitive currency debasement,” said Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff. “As a result, it is inevitable that some investors seek to stock up on tangible assets that tend to hold value in periods of high inflation.”

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