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The Center Club, continued ...Published: October 01, 2012

An artist's rendering of
The Center Club's new look
To that end, ClubCorp is tripling the size of its bar, installing a 103-inch flat-screen TV, creating “touchdown” areas or nooks for small groups to gather, and furnishing sitting areas with “tablet chairs” with personal desktops and electrical outlets for laptops, iPads and smartphones. When the remodel is complete some time in late November, Vosough says it will create 20 to 25 percent more seating than the club currently offers. The dining room will still have ample seating for traditional entertaining, but the sweet spot of the reinvented club will be the social areas, including an enhanced patio retreat, aimed at today’s socially engaged executive and professional.
“We want places in the club where people can connect and connect more often,” says Laney, who estimated that the recession took a 15 to 20 percent bite out of memberships at most private clubs, including the Center Club. The end game is to significantly increase Center Club membership from its current level of about 800.
Founded by retail magnate and philanthropist Henry Segerstrom and his peers, the Center Club has long been a favorite haunt of the well-heeled arts and corporate crowd. Laney and Vosough say they understand the club’s history and want to preserve its base as they modernize amenities and win over a new generation of members.
“We believe that a mature audience will be drawn to a club like we envision if it’s done professionally,” Laney says. “We believe we are creating a more exciting space that will have a wide appeal.”

Quick fact: Opened in 1987, the venerable Center Club will sport a more open, casual feel, with TV screens, pub tables and a larger lounge and coffee bar. Late November is the target date for completion of the club’s interior makeover.


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kinda funny that he's wearing a fedenr shirt i got a champ600 and love it, but have been thinking of picking up one of these to get a bit more gain at lower volumes. i tried the head at a store in town but they didn't have the cab so we sent it through a green back which sounded great. not sure if it's youtube or the stock speaker on this, but it definitely doesn't sound as good as that green back anyone have insight on the different speakers?
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