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Beachfront competition

Cal State Long Beach is riding a wave of popularity.

CSUF, continued ...Published: September 01, 2012

Cal State Fullerton has long been considered the magnet school for Orange County students who feel their budget fits better with a Cal State school than a UC or private college. But that’s not true for all students. Cal State Long Beach (CSULB) has been making serious inroads into O.C. as a draw for students. Here’s how much:
Twenty-six percent of Cal State Long Beach’s student body is from Orange County; that’s more than 8,500 students, according to Toni Beron, associate vice president for university relations.
However, CSULB officials don’t see it as competition, even friendly competition, with the Fullerton campus.
“Most of the recruiting we do is in Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Los Alamitos and Cypress,” says Valerie Bordeaux, its director of university outreach. “Students in those areas live much closer to Long Beach than they do to Fullerton.”
In fact, Bordeux says her office often recommends that students attend the Fullerton campus rather than CSULB.
“Our first priority is: What is the best fit for a student’s needs?” says Bordeaux.
But of course universities talk to more than just high school students.
Although CSUF remains the No. 1 draw for community colleges among all 23 schools in the Cal State system, according to the most recent California Statistical Report on Community College Transfers, CSULB does recruit at both Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa and Golden West College in Huntington Beach, as well.
Despite this, no schools in the Cal State system are likely to see new students for the 2013 spring semester, so any competition may be a moot point.
Mildred García, the new president at CSUF, doesn’t view it as a competition but does emphasize that the university needs community financial support – especially from its own alumni.
“We’re all part of the same system; we all work for the same chancellor,” she says. ocm

Here are the latest enrollment figures (2011-2012) for the seven largest Cal State schools, provided by the Cal State Public Affairs Office. For years, Cal State Fullerton has been ranked No. 1, including 2010. But this past year, it was replaced by Cal State Northridge.

Northridge         36,911
Fullerton            36,156
Long Beach       34,870
San Diego          31,303
San Jose             30,236
San Francisco    29,541
Sacramento        28,016

The figures also show that women students outnumber men at Cal State Fullerton by more than 5,000.

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Hi Sun,Yes, it is a bit confusing bweeten the two, which is why I wrote the post. The MBA at Fullerton is not a FEMBA in the sense that it is not in a cohort format and it is not designed specifically for working professionals in mind. However, it is an MBA program. I am in my first semester of the MBA program at the Fullerton campus and am finding it fits with my work schedule just fine. However, some classes are from 4 to 7 p.m., so you would have to have a job that is OK with you leaving early once or twice a week. If you're interested in a general MBA then the FEMBA at Irvine program may work better for you. Yes, the FEMBA at Irvine will always be at the Irvine campus location. As far as I know, no classes will be on the main campus at Fullerton. That can be a good or bad experience depending on what you are looking for. With the FEMBA at Irvine, you're with the same group through the entire program, which can be nice because you'll get to know them really well. With the Fullerton MBA program, I have a lot of different concentrations in my two classes, so I the people in my classes will be a bit different each time. However, some people I know I'll see regularly. I hope I answered everything. Please let me know if you have more questions. I'm happy to help. Thanks again, Sun.
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