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Published: September 26, 2008 03:47 AM

Hot 25 2008

We're drawing closer to the release of this year's annual Hot 25 issue, which hits stands Oct. 29th.

Though we're not going to disclose everything just yet, you can still a sneak peek at the full list of honorees here.

There's a woman who designs eco-friendly home fashions – and saves the environment one step at a time. Or, there's a man who single-handedly led a group of Olympians to perform their best this year. They are leaders, visionaries and believers, all of whom make our lives brighter – and hotter – every day.

Now, don't forget to pick up the November issue of OC METRO to find out what else these remarkable men and women offer our county, the country and the world, every day.

1. Dusty Simington
Why he's hot: You don’t tell him what you want to be done to your hair, he tells you.

2. Cameron Steele
Why he's hot: He was one of the first to move to Freestyle Motocross.

3. Henry Walker
Why he's hot: He's the youngest banking CEO in California – and has major plans up his sleeve.

4. Sandra Hutchens
Why she's hot: She's a sheriff – and a woman.

5. William Lobdell
Why he's hot: He's giving Orange County some much needed perspective.

6. Davis Krumins
Why he's hot: He's got a flare for hot nightlife.

7. Don Chew
Why he's hot: He can handle a birdie like no one else.

8. Maureen Zehntner
Why she's hot: She's running the only university hospital for miles around.

9. Gloria Zigner
Why she's hot: She's the queen of follies.

10. Ricardo Gamarra
Why he's hot: We all want a taste of his tequila.

11. David Chavez
Why he's hot: He took a great idea and ran with it.

12. Lisa Sinatra
Why she's hot: She's eco-friendly fab.

13. Jennifer Trubenbach
Why she's hot: She travels the world – all in the name of nonprofit surgery.

14. O.C. Olympians
Why they're hot: Do you have to ask?

15. Paul Castillo
Why he's hot: Everyone needs a little help sometimes – and he always lends a hand.

16. Tanya Hutchison
Why she's hot: She's got the look – and she knows how to flaunt it.

17. Jason James Welsher
Why he's hot: His work is tattoo-inspired, just like him.

18. Yvon Goetz
Why he's hot: He’s a true culinary artist.

19. Jenny Ross
Why he's hot: She's got raw style, class – and food.

20. Debra Gunn Downing
Why she's hot: She knows what Orange County residents want when they shop.

21. Mel McGowan
Why he's hot: He builds for Jesus – theme parks, that is.

22. Steve Carley
Why he's hot: His company makes flame-grilled Mexican Chicken – what could be hotter?

23. Keith Bohr
Why he's hot: He's a surfing leader with a lot of real estate kick.

24. Zack Zeiler
Why he's hot: He's going a different type of green – green screen.

25. Shaheen Sadeghi
Why he's hot: He's designed places for the “anti-” shoppers – and he's working on more.