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Fisker Automotive gets the green light from EPA

The automaker confirms the first sales of its flagship luxury hybrid.

by Caitlin AdamsPublished: October 31, 2011 02:55 PM

Anaheim-based Fisker Automotive earlier this month received emission certification and fuel economy ratings from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its flagship 2012 Fisker Karma. With EPA certification in hand, the company has surmounted its final hurdle, and has already recorded its first sales of the luxury hybrid sports sedan.

“With receipt of EPA certification in hand, we have achieved a major milestone by recording the first sales of our groundbreaking Karma sedan,” said Henrik Fisker, CEO and co-founder of Fisker Automotive. “Production of the Karma is ramping, and we have a strong dealer network in place so we can deliver many more of these truly amazing automobiles to customers during the remainder of 2011 and for many years to come.”

The Karma, with its range-extended electric powertrain and sedan body styling, has a CO2 output that is comparable to conventional compact hybrid vehicles on the market today. According to the EPA’s newly formulated electric vehicle rating system, the Karma, when driven in electric mode, achieves the energy equivalent of 52 miles per gallon (city/highway combined).

The EPA found the Karma’s all-electric range to be 32 miles. According to Fisker Automotive, a driver with a 40-mile commute who begins each morning with a full battery would use about 9 gallons of gasoline per month, and would need to visit the gas station once every 1,000 miles. However, the company is confident that its own research indicates that a predominant number of Karma drivers will benefit from a longer all-electric range in their everyday driving.

“As with all electric vehicles, range varies greatly on the conditions of the road and how you drive the car. We firmly believe that most owners will get up to 50 miles of driving range on a single charge and will use our electric-only mode most of the time they drive the car, thereby running on zero emissions. Overall, we are very pleased with the results of EPA’s tests,” Fisker said. “The Karma is a groundbreaking product with a unique powertrain.”

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Readers Feedback:

I don't believe Fisker will ever sell cars. He's all into selling shares of his company but he can't deliver cars. This venture will be no different from the last. Another complete flop which the loving car press fails to cover. Pathetic.
Comment at 11/1/2011