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Getac partners with ProCustom Group, offers customized rugged-use computers

ProCustom Group’s customization portfolio will serve customers in the public and private sectors

By Elaine MurphyPublished: April 06, 2012 01:30 PM

Irvine-based Getac Inc.’s new partnership with ProCustom Group will allow clients to personalize their computers with handy features for use in demanding environments. Both companies develop and manufacture rugged, customized computers for military, aerospace, and emergency personnel.

Getac’s sturdy tablet and notebook computers are designed to withstand harsh environments, such as military deployment, and ProCustom Group’s portfolio will present a variety of customization options to best suit these conditions. ProCustom Group will offer features such as 3D mechanical design, circuit design, and input/output (I/O) ports.

“Partnering with ProCustom Group brings new opportunities for our customers who need rapid prototyping and customization of rugged computers for unique applications,” said Getac president Jim Rimay. “The ProCustom Group has the capability to take one of our powerful rugged computers and customize it to meet the exact needs of our customers.”
"We are very pleased to provide Getac and their customers with customization options for their rugged systems that maximize performance in the extreme environments they are typically used," said Don McCook, vice president business development at ProCustom Group. "Custom-fitted I/O connectors, embedded modules, specially-designed mounts and docks and a host of cables, squids and dongles are only a few of the features we have been providing to Getac customers over the years. We provide the best customization solutions combined with world class customer service and support."

ProCustom group’s parent company, Mid Atlantic Computer Services, is based in Maryland but plans to open a Southern California office to serve its newly acquired Getac customer base.

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