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Green Automotive Co. agrees to buy UK-based electric vehicle distributor

The Newport-based niche auto firm signs agreement to buy Europe’s largest single retailer of electric vehicles

by Sarah HostetlerPublished: February 13, 2013 09:45 AM

Green Automotive Company (GAC), a Newport Beach-based public company that converts, imports and distributes eco-friendly vehicles worldwide, recently acquired Liberty Electric Cars in Europe, and announced on Feb. 11, that it has signed a binding agreement to buy UK-based electric vehicle distributor Going Green Limited.

Going Green Limited, (also “GoinGreen”) founded in 2002, pioneered electric vehicles (EV) in the UK with the G-Wiz, an EV designed in California and manufactured in India. The company has sold over 1400 of the successful G-Wiz EV, becoming Europe’s largest single retailer of electric vehicles.

Looking ahead into the future, GoinGreen plans to continually increase its business by creating new products and services, carrying out its mission to minimize the effects of climate change by encouraging carbon-neutral motoring.

“GoinGreen adds to our Liberty business in the UK, and positions us as the UK’s primary EV retailer,” said Ian Hobday, board director of GAC. “GoinGreen also fits perfectly with Green Automotive’s ambitions to develop its EV presence both in Europe and North America.”

In 2012 GoinGreen reached its 10th year in business, which they celebrated by launching a program to become the first “one-stop shop” for all sales of all kinds of EV transportation, including electric bikes, scooters, motorbikes and even cars, vans and trucks.

“As other regions and cities adopt measures to reduce urban pollution we anticipate Green Automotive moving quickly to establish GoinGreen franchises in many areas, including the US,” said Hobday, introducing our high quality, unique range of EVs and e-bikes, and, most importantly, providing a full range of after-sales support.”

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