• May 2015
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Rent A Green Box

2010 Green Team, continued ...Published: June 01, 2010

Spencer Brown
Costa Mesa  •  rentagreenbox.com  •  earthfriendlymoving.com
Founded: 2005 in Huntington Beach | Founder and Chief Green Officer: Spencer Brown

Consider all of the boxes just one person uses during a move to a new home, and then think about how many more a company would use in an office relocation. That’s a lot of cardboard that could end up in landfills. The thought of it bothered Spencer Brown so much that he came up with a solution: Rent A Green Box. Brown has invented more than 15 zero-waste moving products that are changing the way people around the world pack and move. He also reinvented the disposable moving box with Recopacks, which are made entirely from plastic mined from local landfills. Each box can be used more than 400 times and is crush-proof, tear-proof, and dust- and water-resistant. Perhaps best of all: Each box spares 12 trees in its lifespan. The company delivers the Recopacks one week before the moving date and picks them up a week after the move is complete. Then they’re cleaned, sanitized and delivered to the next client. When a box is worn out, the company grinds it down to make another Recopack. And all the transporting is done via Rent A Green Box’s fleet of alternative-fuel trucks – which also happens to be the largest in the state fueled by vegetable oil and bio fuel. Brown’s innovation hasn’t gone unnoticed: Rent A Green Box earned a 2009 California Small Business Award and a 2008 California Governor’s Economic and Environmental Leadership Award for new market technologies in recycling, and received two honorable mentions from the Green Dot Award program. And now, the company’s gone global, with operations in Canada, Japan and England.

“We only have one planet and currently consume seven planets’ worth of resources. At some point, we must rethink how we’re going to balance our current needs with the unrealized needs of our future generations.”
– Spencer Brown, Founder of Rent A Green Box