• May 2015
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The Costa Mesa Green Home

2010 Green Team, continued ...Published: June 01, 2010

Steven and Karen Blanchard, David Gangloff Architects and Gonterman Construction
Costa Mesa  •  costamesagreen.com
Year built: 2009
Architect: David Gangloff • Chief Green Officer: Jason Gonterman

Steven and Karen Blanchard wanted to build a custom home, and they wanted to do it with a clear conscience – environmentally speaking, that is. So they tapped the certified green building specialists at David Gangloff Architects and the contracting experts from Gonterman Construction to help them. The result: Orange County’s first Platinum LEED-certified home. Care was taken every step of the way in the planning and execution of the project. The Blanchards donated the pre-existing structure for firefighter training exercises. Only engineered lumber from small trees and sustainably managed forests were used, along with low-volatile organic compounds, energy- and water-efficient appliances and fixtures, and a grey-water recycling system that filters shower water for use in toilets and sprinklers. And because of its rooftop solar panels and high-performance design (sunlight and shade positioning, and the path of prevailing winds were factored into the building’s orientation on the property), the Costa Mesa Green Home exceeds the requirements of the state’s energy code by 40 percent. It’s so efficient that electricity bills should add up to a big, round zero.

“It is important to be environ-mentally responsible in as many little ways as possible. The Japanese use a word called ‘kaizen,’ meaning ‘continuous improvement with small steps.’ Although a homeowner may not have as lofty of a goal as the Blanchards’, I believe it is in the small steps we make individually and within our homes that will have the most positive impact on our future.”
– Jason Gonterman, CEO of Gonterman Construction