• May 2015
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Kaiser Permanente Irvine Medical Center

2010 Green Team, continued ...Published: June 01, 2010

Irvine  •  kaiserpermanente.org
Founded: 1945 in Oakland
(The Irvine Medical Center opened in May 2009)

CEO and Chief Green Officer: Julie Miller-Phipps (O.C.)

The people at Kaiser Permanente just seem to get it – there’s a connection between good health and a healthy environment. Breathe California apparently recognizes that. In April, the nonprofit dedicated to fighting lung disease gave Kaiser Permanente its Clean Air Award for leadership. The program honors organizations that are implementing initiatives to reduce global warming and air pollution. Kaiser Permanente’s sustainable energy strategy, for example, seeks to reduce demand, increase the use of renewable sources, and limit air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions that affect the health of its members and the community. And in the past seven years, Kaiser Permanente has used ecologically sustainable materials for 7.5 million square feet of new construction, eliminated the purchase and disposal of 40 tons of hazardous chemicals, saved more than $10 million per year through energy conservation strategies and worked with suppliers to introduce several new PVC-free products to the market – and that’s just a short list of achievements. That said, it should come as no surprise that Kaiser Permanente’s Irvine Medical Center is among the nation’s greenest. The 434,000-square-foot facility is based on a new template that represents the next generation of Kaiser Permanente hospitals. The carpet backing throughout the facility is made with a recycled safety film, cafeteria trays are made from recycled materials and all X-ray scans are electronic, making the hospital mercury-free. Large windows allow for plenty of natural lighting, and careful placement of landscaping provides a natural sound barrier. But the Irvine center isn’t the only facility with bragging rights. Kaiser Permanente centers across the country have garnered numerous awards for environmental initiatives, including a System for Change Award from Practice Greenhealth, which recognizes health-care systems that support and implement eco-friendly practices.

“We aspire to provide health-care services in a manner that protects and enhances the environment and the health of communities now and for future generations.”
– Julie Miller-Phipps, CEO of Kaiser Permanente in Orange County