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Wastewater opportunities

M2 Renewables specializes in capturing organic solid material in wastewater and converting it into usable forms of energy.

by amanda edenPublished: December 01, 2010

M2 Renewables is a company determined to maximize its green business practices in every way. The Lake Forest-based wastewater treatment facility focuses on reclaiming water for purification – and energy.
Its treatment facility is able to convert captured organic solids in wastewater and turn it into reclaimed water and energy, all while reducing the company’s overall carbon footprint.
“It is our philosophy to do something good for the environment,” says Gerhard Forstner, M2 Renewables’ CEO. “Water is very scarce, especially in Southern California; we need to take care of it a little more.”
M2R’s self-contained MicroScreen technology uses a rotating belt that removes high percentages of waste from water. Forstner says the organic solids contained in wastewater are an untapped energy source that more often than not just ends up in landfills.
“What we do is, rather than having toilet paper or other material in a landfill, we use it to generate electricity and heat,” Forstner says. “And we use less emissions of greenhouse gases because we can eliminate the need for disposal trucks to come and haul the waste to a landfill.”

M2R is dedicated to reducing the overall carbon footprint of the wastewater treatment process. The company uses only about 40 percent of the energy of a conventional wastewater treatment system in its everyday work. M2R is also focused on implementing design adaptations for any current or future needs in the industry.
“California is on the forefront of green initiatives, and Orange County is a hotbed for clean water,” Forstner says. “We’re just happy to be here and to be doing this kind of business here.”